Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

The University of Oregon chart of accounts consists of the following elements:

Chart Element Banner Form Reference1 More Info OUS
Index FTMACCI    

Fund Types

Funds at a Glance

OUS Fund Baseline
Organization FTVORGN UO Organization Hierarchy Chart  
Account FTVACCT  

OUS Account Code Definitions

OUS Account Baseline

Program FTVPROG Program Codes & Descriptions OUS Program Baseline
Activity FTVACTV    
Location FTVLOCN    

1. When using FTMACCI and FTMFUND you must press F7 key immediately upon opening the form, enter a code then press F8.To obtain a list of your index or organization codes contact Robbin Howard at 6-1115 or by email at

2. See also the University of Oregon Account Code Reference