Departmental Deposits FAQs

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May my department open its own bank account?

No. All cash and checks must be deposited through Cashiers into the UO account with Treasury.

Where can I find a copy of the Department Deposit form?

Departments must utilize the on-line BANNER deposit entry form (TWADEPO) for departmental deposit transactions. Contact the BAO Scheduling Coordinator (6-2387) for training information. Contact BAO Cashiers (6-3154) if you need to make a deposit and are not able to use TWADEPO.

May I campus mail a deposit to the Cashiers Department?

No. All departmental deposits must be transported to BAO Cashiers in person.  Deposits should be transported using tamper-proof, self-sealing poly bags. These bags are available through Cashiers (6-3154). 

How many copies of the Deposit form do I need?

Three completed copies of the Department Deposit form. One will be stamped and returned to you immediately as your receipt.    

We received a check that was written to a professor or someone else in the department, rather than to the department. Can I still deposit this check?

Yes -have the person who the check was written to sign the check, then stamp the back of the check with your Department Deposit Stamp and deposit it as normal.

How do I find out what Index or Account codes to use?

Indexes can be queried using the Banner Form FTVACCI.  Query by the first letter or two of the index.

Account codes and definitions can be found in the FIS Codes Information Page section of the Banner Guide.

If you still cannot find the correct index or account code, please contact Robbin Howard (346-1115) in the BAO Accounting department, or Mike Sylijuberget (346-3164) in Cashiers.

Do I have to use an Index when filling out the Department deposit form?

No - you may submit a Deposit without an Index. However, without an Index, you must provide all other necessary accounting detail. You cannot submit a Deposit with just a Fund and Account - unless the Account is an Asset or Liability Account. If you are not using an Index, and the Account is not an Asset or Liability Account, you must include the entire accounting detail; Fund, Organization, Account, Program, and if necessary the Activity codes.

Can I submit a Deposit that has the General Fund accepting Revenue?

Generally no - with very few exceptions, you cannot use an Index that has the General Funds 001100 or 001700 with a Revenue Account code.

Where and how do I obtain receipt books?  When should I use the receipt book? What do I do with a completed receipt book?

Receipt books may be purchased through Printing and Mailing Services. You may contact the Printing Trades Coordinator at 346-2495. You may also order receipt books through the Printing and Mailing Services website at, select the link for ‘Job Order Forms’, then complete and submit the ‘Offset Printing’ form.

The receipts should be given out whenever your Department receives cash. When a book is used up, you should retain it in your Department for three years.

What do I do if I receive a check from someone that is not in US Dollars?

Deposit it as normal using the face value of the check. When the check is sent to the bank, the bank will determine the exchange rate that day, and will issue a credit or debit to the UO. Your Index will then be equally credited or debited. This process could take 2-3 weeks.

How do I process Money Orders and Travelers' Checks?

They are deposited to the bank as checks, and should be treated as checks on your deposit.