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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Perkins Loans

Perkins Loans are awarded as part of a package of Federal, State or other financial aid offered to applicants requesting financial assistance to attend the university. Awards are based on the applicant's need and the availability of loan funds. Applicants cannot "apply" specifically for a Perkins Loan. For complete information concerning applications for financial assistance and awarding, please contact theStudent Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Once awarded a Perkins
Loan for a specific academic year, first time Perkins Loans borrowers will
receive letters fromEducational Computer Systems, Incorporated (ECSI)with instructions regarding signing the Master Promissory Note electronically
and completing entrance counseling on-line.ECSI is a billing service provider for the
university. To begin receiving
the loan funds one must sign and complete the on-line process on the ECSI
website. The proceeds of the loan are disbursed on a term-by-term basis, and
applied to the Student Billing Account, along with any other student aid
disbursements (such as Federal Direct Loans, Pell Grants, Supplemental Grants,
Oregon Need Grants or any other grants or scholarships). For each subsequent
year that a student's Financial Aid award includes Perkins Loan funds, the
student will receive statements indicating the amounts awarded.

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