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Campus and State vehicles may be used for travel by UO employees, students and official volunteers with the approval of the department head and UO Parking and Transportation. Official Volunteers are also required to have a Volunteer form on file with UO Risk office. This rule shall apply to State-owned vehicles, hired vehicles and borrowed vehicles used on University business travel. See the following link for instructions on driver certification.

This rule extends to and includes (but is not limited to) members of organizations whose only fiscal connection to the University is the receipt of or an accountability for incidental fee support or having an interest in one or more EMU or Housing Trust Fund Accounts. The department that authorizes a state vehicle's use is financially accountable for damages and all costs resulting from violations of policies relating to state vehicle use.

Oregon State University has moved into the vacated Eugene State of Oregon Motor Pool site in Glenwood. They offer a wide variety of vehicles for short-term rental -- everything from hybrid sedans to large passenger vans.

University of Oregon employees with a current UO driver certification card can make a reservation by calling (541) 346-2000 or by going online to

If you do not have a UO driver certification card you can apply through the department of public safety's website:

If you do have UO driver certification card you can speed up the reservation process by entering yourself into the OSU Driver Authorization System:

Motor Pool checkout cards and your yellow driver certification card are required when you rent vehicles from State Motor Pool in Salem. Billing for these motor pool vehicles is done monthly by the Travel Office within the Business Affairs Office.

Motor Pool Checkout Card Application


The renter of a vehicle involved in an accident, must report the accident within 24 hours to the Department of Risk Management.

Supervisor's Vehicle Incident Report