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This section of the Business Office website provides listings of the individuals at the UO primarily involved in the HRIS functions of payroll administration and contracting.

The Complete Staff Roster lists all employees employed by the HRIS offices.

Quick Reference Chart

Human Resources Appointments Name Phone
  Unclassified Employees    
  Unclassified Policies and Procedures Sonia Potter 6-2002
  Finance & Administration Katy Hatfield 6-8102
  Student Affairs Kathie Stanley 6-1100
  University Advancement Nancy Fish 6-5556
  President's Office Staci Knabe 6-5557
  Classified, & Temporary Employees Grant Keeney 6-2959
  Graduate Student Employees Debbie Davidson 6-2824
  Student Employment Policy Christine Lonigan 6-2963
Budget Title Name Phone
  Director Stuart Laing 6-5838
  Financial Analyst Angie Peatow 6-7226
  Financial Analyst Tim Finch 6 3247
  Senior Financial Analyst Randy Hale 6-2011
  Financial Analyst Tom Szumita 6-2159
HRIS Topic Name Phone
  HRIS Help Line Payroll Office 6-3151
  HRIS Banner Guide/Payroll Forms Ben Kane 6-1084
  HRIS Security Michael Walsh 6-1117
  PAYNEWS List, Training Schedule, and Reservations Susan Peterson 6-2387
  HRIS Training Instructor Ben Kane 6-1084
  BANNER User ID and Passwords Banner Account Clerk 6-1738
Topic Name Phone
  GTF Payroll Keri Bartow 6-1101
  Foreign Nat'l Tax, SSN, Name Change Jove Rousseau 6-1122
  Payroll Accounting Shelby Cooper 6-3092
  Payroll Accounting / Benefit deductions / Garnishments Eric Bever
Cathy Denver
  Classified/Temporary Payroll Mindy Schmidling 6-2960
  Academic Payroll / Overpayments Chad Hartvigsen 6-1106
  Overpayments / Manual Checks / Benefit deductions Ben Kane 6-1084
  Academic Payroll / Retirement / Foreign Nat'l Tax Cindy Huie 6-1132
  W-4's / Direct Deposits / Addresses / Retirement Jay Butler 6-1126
  Student Payroll Holly Cook 6-1107
Topic Name Phone
  Classified Position Maintenance Grant Keeney 6-2959
  GTF & Student Position Maintenance Randy Hale 6-2011
  Unclassified Position Maintenance Dee Rawson 6-2006
    Sonia Potter 6-2002





































Complete Staff Roster



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