Travel Advances

Travel Advances



Visa cards are available for lodging, meals and related expenses. If an employee is not eligible for a visa card, then travel advance funds may be approved by the Business Affairs Office.

  • Requests should have an explanation of why the advance is requested (e.g. infrequent traveler, visa denied, foreign travel, etc.) and a detailed description of what the advance is for, including support documentation.
  • Advances are issued for approximately 80% of an individual traveler's qualified, reimbursable expenses. Exceptions may be granted when paying for expenses for student groups or other travelers.
  • The minimum amount is $200.00 per person.
  • Travel advances are processed for the following employee groups: classified, unclassified, and GTF's. To assure that there is sufficient salary to cover the travel expense advance, in general the employee should have an appointment percentage of .5, this does not include student employees.
  • Advances will not be made to anyone with a previous advance still outstanding.
  • Late fines and billing charges are assessed if the advance is not cleared by the due date.
  • If the advance is not paid back, a deduct will be placed on the employee's payroll check. When this happens, the employee will no longer be eligible to receive advances.


  1. Complete a Travel Advance Request Form and indicate whether the traveler wants a paper check or direct deposit. The advance may include meals, lodging and miscellaneous expense items such as taxis. Transportation expenses such as airfare cannot be advanced. Airfare can be purchased using the UO credit card held by our contract travel agencies
  2. Submit the advance request to the Travel Office 10-14 days prior to departure. Checks are issued on Tuesdays and Fridays, direct deposits on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  If approved, payment is made about a 4-7 days prior to travel.  If a paper check is requested, the traveler must personally pick up and sign for the travel advance payment.
  3. Complete an approved travel reimbursement by the due date of the advance. Advances are usually due to be cleared about one month from the travel completion date

    EXAMPLE: If the person returns from their trip before the 15th of March, the due date will be the 1st of April. If they return after the 15th of March, the due date will be the 15th of April.

  4. The reimbursement will be applied to the outstanding advance. Department travel certifiers must use the traveler's mailing address on the reimbursement form. If the reimbursement amount is greater than the advance, a payment will be issued for the difference. If the reimbursement amount is less than the advance, attach a check for the difference to the travel reimbursement form. If the travel reimbursement is approved in the department rather than the Business Affairs Office, forward the check to the Travel Office with a note indicating the Traveler Name, UO ID, and that the payment is for a travel advance.