Travel Office Contacts

Travel Office Contacts

Laurie Jacoby

  • Out of State reimbursements
  • Moving and House Hunting reimbursements
  • Corporate Credit Cards/Travel Advances
  • Travel Training/Travel Certification

Conny Isaacs

  • International reimbursements
  • International per diem information
  • Airfare billing and JV information
  • Motor Pool billing and JV information
  • Travel accounting information

Brooke Millett-Montgomery

  • In State reimbursements
  • Airfare Authorizations
  • Motor Pool billing and JV information

Call Laurie or Conny with questions or assistance regarding:

  • Airfare comparison quotes
  • Hotel and rental car information
  • General travel and policy related questions
  • Duckweb Access
  • Duckweb travel form questions