UO Tax Identification Number

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UO Tax Identification Number

The University of Oregon has two taxpayer identification numbers:

48-1278531 - W-9 used for the receipt of funds related to sponsored programs such as student financial aid and federal grants and contracts.

93-6001786 - W-9 used for all other purposes.

UO Tax Exempt Letter - IRS letter explaining UO tax exempt status.

Tax Exempt Status is available in the OUS Fiscal Policy Manual.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Accounts Payable at 6-1252.


The UO has two Duns numbers that we conduct business under. Nobody should reactivate any other old numbers or request a new Duns number for the UO.

948117312 - Duns number to be used for all federal grants, contracts and other federal payments.

049793995 - Duns number to be used for all other UO non-federal payments.