Revolving Charge Agreement

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"The University of Oregon offers extended payment terms utilizing a revolving charge account program as authorized by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education (OAR 580-040-0041). Participants in the revolving charge account program shall sign a revolving charge account agreement and abide by the terms and conditions of the program as set forth in that agreement. The student billing account is established in the student’s name and is used for most charges incurred at the university. See Oregon Administrative Rules 571-060-0005 through 571-060-0040."

To accept the Terms and Conditions Online(Preferred Method)
  • Log in to DuckWeb
  • Select "Student Menu"
  • Select "Revolving Charge Agreement"
  • Read Agreement
  • Check the box to agree
  • Select "Save"

If you would prefer to submit a paper copy of the Revolving Charge Agreement, complete this document and return it as directed on the form.