Credit Card Processing and Deposits

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Credit card sales are credited to your index by completing the BANNER TWADEPO Department Deposit Form. If your deposit also includes cash and/or checks, follow the Cash Handling deposit procedures.

If your deposit consists solely of credit card receipts:

  • Prepare a BANNER TWADEPO Department Deposit form at least once per week.

  • Data capture forms and batch settlement summary reports may be emailed or faxed to the cashiers department for processing at or 346-3137. BANNER deposits consisting solely of credit card transactions do not need to be hand carried to the cashiers office or placed in a tamper-proof, self-sealing plastic bag.

  • Please include the TWADEPO deposit number in your communication.

  • Please refer to the UO eCommerce Policy regarding the safekeeping of credit card records.

The credit card terminal will electronically transmit it's activity to the bank when the transaction batch is settled. All batches should be settled daily. If a terminal is inoperative, charge sales should be done manually using an imprinter. When the terminal is back in service, any manual transactions must then be entered.

Manually completed authorization forms must be submitted to the Cashier's Office with the DCDT and batch settlement report.

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Custodian Responsibilities

  • Use only approved electronic data capture equipment. It is not appropriate to refuse to accept a VISA/MASTERCARD due to malfunctioning equipment.

  • Care of the equipment

  • Follow terms of the VISA/MASTERCARD contract

  • Obtain proper documentation for each transaction

  • Balance, close and transmit open batches at the end of each day

  • Do not accept unsigned debit or credit cards. Explain to customer that:

    • Our merchant agreement prohibits us from accepting unsigned cards.
    • We verify signature because we want to protect consumers and prevent fraud.
    • The US Post Office, most large ticket US merchants, and all European merchants verify signature.
    • Signing your card might deter someone from using it if it is lost.
    • Singing your card ratifies the cardholder agreement which affords fraud protection.
    • Merchants are liable for disputed charges if they accept unsigned cards.
    • Requiring the merchant to check your ID slows your transaction.
    • If you forget your ID you may not be able to use your card.
    • There is no harm in signing the card and writing See ID on it.
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Segregation of Duties

  • Someone other than the person obtaining the authorizations should prepare the deposit.

  • A review of credit transactions should occur. Refunds of credit card charges must be made to the credit card. No CASH refunds shall be given.

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