Information System:


An employee may have multiple jobs in the Banner-HRIS, and the employee's UO ID can be connected to several position numbers. Classified positions are singular in Banner-HRIS and for this reason the suffix does not hold meaning for singular positions.

Position Number(s) Defined

Job Record
UO ID Position Number Suffix

The accumulated FTE between all of the jobs for one classified employee may not exceed 100%.

Multiple Job Records
Department FTE Title UO ID Position Number Suffix
Education .50 FTE Accountant 955-55-555 B91111 00
Business Affairs .50 FTE Accountant 955-55-555 B92222 00

Steps to add another job:

  1. Work through the administrative recruitment process with the Human Resources Employment Manager, 346-2963
  1. Complete the necessary payroll paperwork to set up the additional job in Banner-HRIS

Personnel Information Form, PIF Example Add Classified Job PRF

Payroll Request Form, PRF  (found on Forms page) You may also access a partially completed PRF from PWIVERI. Remember to change the position #.

  1. Submit the completed paperwork to Human Resources