Information System:
1. Recruitment
2Benefit Enrollment
Early Hire Document Completion (optional, but recommended as best practice)
4. Submit Hire Packet to HR (new or returning employee)
4. Submit Rehire Packet to HR (returning classified employee)


See HR website for recruitment instructions and forms. When recruiting and hiring, the following special circumstances may be applicable:


Applicants who separate from an OUS institution in good standing or employees who voluntarily demote are granted re-employment rights. Re-employment rights continue for two years from the date of separation.

Employees'  adjusted service date may be updated to reflect prior service with OUS, which may affect the vacation accrual rate. If employees have successfully completed initial trial service, they will not repeat initial trial service.

HR staff will calculate the appropriate trial service eligibility, anniversary date, and sick leave balance for employees re-hired within two years of termination from an OUS institution.

Limited Duration:

Limited duration appointments are made when employees are needed for special projects of uncertain or limited duration, that are subject to the continuation of a grant, contract, award, or legislative funding.

The limited duration appointment memo from Linda L. King, Director of Human Resources, must be completed, signed by the employee and forwarded to HR with the new hire packet.

See recruitment section on HR website for additional information on limited duration appointments and Limited Duration Memo.

Post Retirement Employment:

Most employees fill temporary positions if they are interested in employment after retirement. In some instances, retirees may fill regular positions. Contact the HR Employment Manager (6-2963) for more information.

2.Benefit Enrollment

Call Cindi Peterson at 346-2956 to enroll new and returning employeein a benefits orientation session.Employees can either submit benefit enrollment forms to HR or go directly to PEBB.benefits to enroll on-line at Benefits Information (HR site)

3.Early Hire Document Completion (Optional)

Departments may want to invite new or returning classified employees to come to campus prior to the first day of work to complete hire documents and to attend a benefit orientation. If you do choose this option, employees must be compensated for their time.For comp time earned, enter the earn code LEC in PHAHOUR. (Straight time) For monetary compensation to hourly employees, add additional hours to the REG hours total; for salaried employees, use the earn code "RGP".

4.Submit Hire Packet to HR:
Upon accepting the offer of employment, the department works with the employee to complete the following documents and forwards the hire packet of documents to Human Resources after having obtained appropriate dean/college/division signatures.Once approved by HR,the hire packet will be forwarded to the Payroll Office.

For individual hire forms, bundled classified packets, and instructions, see the Forms page of Banner Guide and HR site, for forms referenced below.

Hire Packet Documents for Classified/Temporary Employees Notes
Completed UO ApplicationForm Classified Only
Position Description (HR site, Classification and Compensation) Classified Only
Limited Duration Memo (HR site, Recruitment) If Applicable
Letter of Justification If beginning pay higher than Step 1
Social Security Cardor Receipt *
PIF Example Classified hire PIF
PRF Example Classified hire PRF
Direct Deposit(Optional) Attached voided check
Additional Documents for US Residents
USCIS I- 551Permanent Resident Alien Cardor "Green Card" Copy front and back of card
Additional Documents for International Employees Instructions and Examples
UO-NRA and copy of I-94
Employment Authorization Card
8233 and Attachment Only if claiming a tax treaty exemption
Affirmative Action Documents Not Part of Hire Packet to HR
Veteran Self-Identification Form *** Employee sends form directly to Affirmative Action
Disability Self-Identification Form *** Employee sendsform directly to Affirmative Action

* The Social Security Card or Receipt may also serve as a supporting document for the I-9.Social Security Administration normally provides a new card within 7 to 10 business days. The Social Security Card must be signed.

**If the employee provides a receipt in lieu of the actual document, such as a receipt for Application for an SSN card, the employee must produce the actual document within 90 days of the date of hire or be subject to termination.

***Make certain that employee initials the PIF to indicate receipt of the self-identification forms.The employee should return these forms directly to the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.

Rehire Packet

If the employee is returning after a lapse in service, some hire documents may not be required. However, if the employee has not been employed for two years, it is advisable to submit a new hire packet again.

For individual hire forms, bundled packets, and instructions see the Forms pageofBanner Guide and HR site, for forms referenced below.

Rehire Packet Documents forClassified/TemporaryEmployees Notes
Completed UO ApplicationForm Yes, classified only
Position Description (HR site, Classification & Compensation) Yes, classified only
Social Security Cardor Receipt Yes, if legal name has changed
PIF Yes, if there are any changes
PRF Yes Example Rehire PRF
W-4 Yes, if over one year
I-9 Yes, if over 2 years
Direct Deposit(Optional) Attached voided check if over 6 months
Additional Documents for US Residents
USCIS I- 551Permanent Resident Alien Cardor "Green Card" No, unless card has expired
Additional Documents for International Employees
UO-NRA and copy of I-94 *
Employment Authorization Card *
8233 and Attachment * Only if claiming a tax treaty exemption

*Yes,if haven't previously submitted this form during the current calendar year