Information System:

Creating a new unclassified (unranked) or classified position:

Due to organizational shifts, changing technologies, resources, or workflow, it may be necessary to create or establish a position.


The Dean, Director, or Department Head originates the request for a new position by submitting memorandum and position description. This communication will describe and detail the organizational requirements, funding, and duties for the position. The request goes to the appropriate Vice President who either approves or denies the request. The VP forwards the approved request to the Classification/Compensation Manager for establishment. The Classification/Compensation Manager determines the appropriate classification, or if the position should beunclassified.

Reclassifying a classified position:

See SEIU Contract,Article 55-Reclassification Upward - Reclassification Downward

For questions, contact the HR Classification/Compensation Manager (6-2964).

SEIU and GCIU Labor Agreements