Information System:


Banner segregates employee data from job record data:

1. Employee data is maintained on PPAIDEN and contains:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phones
  • Biographical
  • Email
  • Emergency Contact

When changes need to be made to these employee data elements some changes, like home address, may be made by the employee via DuckWeb

However, other changes such as employee name must be made by the Payroll Office staff after the employee has appropriately verified the information. Various forms for making changes to employee data are found on the forms page of the Banner guide.

A frequently used paper forms for making Employee data changes is the Personnel Information Form (PIF)

2. Job record data is maintained on Banner forms PEAEMPL and NBAJOBS.

These forms have been partially combined by University of Oregon, Information Services and presented as the form PWIVERI.

Classified job record data changes or status changes are made by submitting a Payroll Request Form (PRF) to Human Resources

Human Resources acts as the Appointing Authority for Classified employees. The job change reasons listed below would only be submitted on a PRF after consultation with the appropriate Human Resources Administrator, 346-3159. For assistance completing the PRF please contact the Human Resources, Data and Compliance Coordinator 346-2959 or

Classified Job Change Reasons

Classified Job Change Reasons


Department Change

FTE Change


Leave Begins

Leave Ends

Merit Increase

Multiple Job Changes

Negotiated Pay Increase

Pay Increase - Special


Reduction of Pay


Work Out-Of-Class and Lead Worker

NOTE: During the implementation of Banner, it was decided that temporary work assignments such as Work out of Classification and Lead Worker would be dealt with as pay maters rather than job record changes.

Therefore the University uses earn codes DWC for Work out of Classification and DLW for Lead Worker differentials rather than job change reasons with start and end dates.


Teamsters CBA


Salary Administration - SEIU Article 22

Payroll Computation Procedures - SEIU Article 23

Commonly used proration formulas:


Partial months pay a prorated monthly or pay period salary amount:

Hours Worked X Monthly or pay period = Gross partial pay

Hours Possible salary amount


Prorating a difference between rates:

Hours Worked X Difference between = Prorated difference between rate

Hours Possible two rates of pay