Conferences (UO Sponsored)

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Conferences Overview

Many departments and units occasionally host conferences, and it is often a new or unusual process for the staff and/or faculty that are involved. Below we have tried to gather some information on conference organization and the UO rules, policies and procedures that apply in an easy reference format. Contacts for more information are listed within appropriate sections.

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Initially, a conference coordinator should draft a preliminary budget and explanation of funding and present it to the department head for signature. The preliminary budget should include a brief outline of date, location, times, activities, speakers, registration fees, and other income.

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  1. An index must be established to receive registration fees and pay expenses. To obtain an index, contact your Financial Analyst in Budget and Resource Planning. This index is established to separate all transactions related to the conference and to simplify record keeping.
  2. A system for receipting each registration must be established. Some suggestions:
    1. Mail receipts to participants. Maintain a log of those paid and unpaidb.
    2. Attach a receipt to registration packet to ensure that all unpaid individuals will have fees collected at the beginning of a conference.
    3. Contact BA eCommerce or 6-0814 and set-up a web application for registration and credit card processing.
  3. Cashiers
    Cash receipts (includes checks) must be deposited with the Cashier's Office. Refunds or expenditures must NOT be made from cash receipts. Cash should be recorded as soon as it is received (e.g. a pre-numbered receipt.)

    Receipt books can be obtained from the Cashier's (6-3154). Receipts should be prepared in triplicate and distributed as follows:

    1. White Copy Original - customer copy.

    2. Blue Copy -turned into the Cashier's Office to support cash received equals cash deposited.

    3. Yellow Copy - retained by department to maintain numerical sequence of receipts. All pre-numbered receipts should be accounted for; including voided originals, and should be retained by the department. Void or canceled receipts should be clearly marked so that they cannot be reused, and the white copy original should be submitted with departmental deposits to the Cashiers.

Restrictive Endorsement:

All checks must be properly and clearly endorsed, preferably with a rubber endorsement stamp. The required endorsement stamp must be ordered through the Cashier's Office (6-3154), which has the Cash Management Division approved format.

All checks must be restrictively endorsed immediately upon receipt..

Deposit Requirements:

Deposit all cash and checks received with the Cashier's Office at least once per week. However, when $1,000 or more is currently on hand, deposit all cash and checks within the next business day.

Deposits including cash must be made in person by an appropriate departmental designee and must include three completed copies of the University of Oregon Department Deposit form.

Cash shortages > $20 must be immediately reported to the Cashier's Office (6-3154).

Foreign Currency:

Checks drawn on foreign banks (other than Canada) should be made payable to the University of Oregon in the denomination of the currency of the country in which the check is being drawn. Such checks should be logged on a separate University of Oregon Department Deposit form and deposited in accordance with the deposit requirements noted above.

Segregation of Duties:

No one individual should handle the cash transaction from beginning to end.

The employee who records the receipt of cash should be someone other than the person making the deposit. Total cash received (e.g. total of all pre-numbered receipts issued) should agree to the total of the deposit slips. If a department is unable to separate these functions due to staffing limitations, a responsible employee independent of these functions (normally a department head or administratively senior employee) should be designated to verify the total amount received equals the total amount deposited. This should be done daily, but no less than once per week.

For more information see the BA Cashiers page.

Personal Service Contracts must be drafted in advance of the event for all visiting speakers receiving a speaking fee (honorarium). PSC must be signed and approved by Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) prior to the event and by the contractor no later than the day of the event. For more information please call PCS at 6-2419 or visit the website to access their forms and instructions.

Merchandise bearing UO logos must be approved by Trademark Management - a list of current vendors already possessing UO artwork may be obtained to minimize costs.

Location, Food & Beverages:

On Campus

If the event is being held on campus or campus property, the UO Catering Policy applies. For questions contact the University Catering and Conferences at 6-4303 or visit the University Catering and University Conferences websites.

Off Campus

If the estimated purchase price exceeds $25,000 then competition is required. See OAR 580-062-0015. The Lane County Convention and Visitors bureau's site for obtaining proposals from local vendors, may be helpful.

Be aware of Banquet Event Order (BEO's) guarantee dates and the contracted amount you are obligated to. BEO's have deadlines that you must have your final number of participants or any changes due by. Once that date passes, you are obligated to that amount and will be billed accordingly.

BEO's may be contracts requiring signatures that sometimes have their own terms and conditions. These contracts must be approved by Purchasing and Contracting Services. For more information contact PCS at 6-2419.

If deposits or prepayments are required, please allow sufficient time for processing (2 weeks is recommended.)


Institution funds may not be expended to purchase alcoholic beverages. In certain circumstances alcoholic beverages may be served at banquets and other special group activities conducted as part of a workshop if full cost of such beverages is recovered through charges to the participants or sponsoring group. Income and costs must be accounted for in the appropriate fund using account code 28604 (Conference Refreshments). The institution is responsible for compliance with all laws and Oregon Liquor Control Commission regulations, including obtaining a one-day license for serving beer and wine. Contact University Housing.

Alcohol shall not be transported in a state vehicle.

Liability insurance:

Contact the Risk Manager at 6-8316 to ensure insurance compliance.

Off campus conferences:

There is usually a use agreement/contract between the University and the facility. Like all contracts, the Purchasing and Contracting contract officer must sign these contracts. Contact or call 6-2419.

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