AP Invoice Payment

AP Invoice Payment

Common Activities

UO deocration

Vendor Setups How to add/update vendor info or activate an employee/student for reimbursement

Banner 9 FAQ's (FAAINVE and other Banner 9 Forms)

Business Expense Guidelines State and University of Oregon rules for payments/reimbursements

Hosting, Refreshments, Alcohol Payment for non-travel Meals.

Check Pick Ups, Special Handling, & Holds on Invoices

Mobile Technology Payment Procedures

Outgoing wire transfers

Invoice Text Requirements (FOATEXT)

Check Vendor Function

Petty Cash

UO Suggested Petty Cash Reconciliation

Credit Memo Information and Processing How to process a credit from a vendor

Participant Support/Stipend

Research Subject Payment Procedures

Payments to Foreign Entities

 Payment Process for International Visitors

 Grant and Scholarship Payments to International Students

 International Visitor and Student Payments

Hosting a Conference at UO

Contract and PSC Payments

Reimbursement for employees or students

 Reimbursement Rates

 Moving/Relocation Expenses

 Tax Withholding and Reporting

Will your direct deposit leave the U.S.? (International ACH)

Postage/Stamp Orders