decorative-icon Contract Travel Agent Purchases in Six Steps

Contract Travel Agent Purchases in Six Steps

  1. Contact the travel agent and obtain options for airfare.
  2. Enter airfare request into the on-line system (, scroll to travel, select Airfare Authorization Request form)
  3. Reach out to your department’s Travel Expenditure Authority to make sure they know you have an airfare purchase to approve. Coordinators may call the travel office if they need help determining who this is.
  4. Wait for the confirmation from the Travel Office letting you know they have approved and sent the airfare request to the agent for ticketing.
  5. Receive the ticket. This is the step that let you know your job is done. If you have not received a ticket by the end of the day your request was made. Contact the Travel Office and/or Travel Agent.
  6. Make sure your traveler reviews their ticket for accuracy. If a change is necessary, process the change within 24 hours of ticketing to avoid airline change fees.