decorative-icon COVID-19 Travel Information for UO Business Travelers

UPDATES as of 09/27/2021:

University of Oregon is lifting the suspension of domestic and non-Level 4 international travel, given the state’s movement to rescind COVID-19 restrictions.  The university's travel suspension is still in effect for Level 4 -High Risk countries. 

Employees traveling to international destinations must review the requirements for entry into the country and requirements for return to the United States. Proof of booster vaccination may be required in the traveler’s destination country(ies) and 24-hour testing negative test results may be required regardless of your vaccination status. Travelers must continue to monitor requirements before and during travel.

Travel to Level 4-High Risk countries will be reviewed by the Travel Advisory Group (TAG). Travelers will be required to complete the International Travel Risk Acknowledgment form prior to TAG approval. We will return to the normal approval process in Concur Request for all non-Level 4 risk destinations:

Concur Request is required for all UO business travel for pre-travel approval and to capture of travel destination and dates and allow the university to execute duty of care for its travelers.

Concur Request is required when traveling outside of the traveler's metropolitan area and/or when in "travel status" (overnight stay required)

Concur Requests are approved by the departmental approver, based on travel that is deemed essential. A detailed business purpose must be provided.

The university will not approve travel to a country listed in Level 4 High Risk without completing the International Travel Risk Acknowledgment form.  Please note that travel advisories can change or fluctuate, and a destination may be designated Level 4 in the time between requesting the trip and your departure date. Should this happen, the traveler must complete the International Travel Risk Acknowledgment form or the trip may be cancelled or postponed.

Level 5 - Extreme Risk destinations:  The following countries are excluded from the standard UO International travel insurance.  However, coverage may be able to be secured at an additional cost.

  • Afghanistan
  • Chechnya
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya

** Reminder:  A Concur Request is always required for all UO Business Travel.

Additional Travel Safety Resources


    All UO Business Travel between March 15, 2020 and July 6, 2021 requires a travel waiver  for all UO Essential Business travel outside of a traveler's county limits.