Disposing of Surplus- Campus Departments


Posting property: http://surplus.uoregon.edu

  • If the property is in good condition, other departments on UO campus may need it. Departments are required to post all working surplus property, e-waste and furniture, in good condition on the UO Department Surplus Listing web site for one week.
  • Computers and servers that no longer effectively run a supported operating system version should be transferred to the surplus property warehouse directly without posting to the surplus website.


Departments need to securely store the property for that period of time. (Do not place items in hallways or under fire escape stairwells or loading docks).

  • Departments that want to acquire the posted property will contact the disposing department directly. The department offering the property is responsible for determining a price (there is no requirement for a UO department to charge another). CPUs that are moving from one department to another must be cleansed prior to transfer. Surplus property can provide this assistance.

UO departments agree to exchange property:

  • If Property is on Banner fixed assets; complete an Asset Maintenance Form and forward to Property Control/Thompson University Center (TUC)

If Property is not on Banner fixed assets; the transferring department must retain a copy of the transfer record showing name of department transferred to and name of person receiving the property. The identification of the person picking up the property must be confirmed with the receiving department. The receiving department should document in their minor equipment file that they received the property, and from which department. Departments should shop at UO Department Surplus Listing web site before purchasing property. UO departments can also post Wanted items at this site. To post for the first time, you must register with your UO Duck ID number.


Disposing E-waste:

E-WASTE property can be considered anything that plugs in or has batteries. If you still have e-waste property after posting to the surplus listing web site, complete an UO Property Disposition Request Form (PDR) online. Do not make copies of your completed form for future use. The form is automatically issued a new document number each time. Return the original printed signed form through campus mail to the UO Surplus Property Coordinator, Business Affairs Office Thompson University Center (TUC).

Instructions on completing the PDR form:

  • Be sure to indicate the Disposal Reason (Required per OAR 580-040-0305).
  • Indicate the date you listed the working/usable property to campus.
  • If the item is not on your depts fixed assets, then you wont have a Banner number (green barcode), purchase year or acquisitions value. Leave the Banner number column blank if you do not have a green barcode sticker on it.
  • Please indicate if this property was purchased with Federal (Fed) funds, Gift funds or is a leased piece of property.
  • If you have 4 working monitors, you can group them together on the same line.
  • Keep the working and non-working items on separate lines. Do not combine e-waste and furniture on the same PDR, seedisposing furniturebelow.
  • Keep a copy of the PDR for your own files
  • Forward the PDR to BAO Surplus Property/Thompson University Center (TUC).


Disposal of Refrigerators, Freezers, and other Refrigeration Units

Hazardous Waste Materials

Chemicals, biohazard waste, regulated waste, etc. Please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety 6-3192 for collection, disposal, treatment or recycling.

Please see their website for more information: https://safety.uoregon.edu/hazardous-materials

Universal Waste

Mercury containing light bulbs, light ballasts, batteries etc. Please contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety 6-3192 for collection disposal, treatment or recycling.

Please see their website for more information: http://safety.uoregon.edu/environmental-health-and-safety

Disposing furniture

Departments must contact Facility Services directly at 6-2319 to initiate a work order request. For disposition or removal of furniture, a PDR is *not needed. * A PDR is only needed if the furniture item was $5,000 or over at time of purchase. For Banner fixed assets (green barcode); you must complete an Asset Maintenance Form and forward to the Property Control Coordinator.


Pick up process:

After UO Surplus Property Coordinator has received the completed PDR form, the PDR and a signature sheet form will be forwarded to Facilities Services to schedule a pick up date and time. Please allow two weeks to receive a phone call from facilities services to schedule the pickup. Items must be labeled SURPLUS. Items must be labeled WORKING or NOT WORKING. Someone must be available to sign that they are releasing custody of the property when the property is being picked up.