Example Earning Statement

Example Earning Statement

This sample earnings statement is for a Classified employee with PEBB benefits for the month of Nov. 2007.

Explanatory Notes:

1. Info on the left identifies the pay event. Important tax information appears on the right.

2. Summary

Gross amount is a sum of all cash earnings. Employee deductions is a sum of all deductions and contributions.

3. Employee Identification

This section includes the department name and employee name and address.

4. Net Pay Distribution

The long number on top represents either a check number or bank account and direct deposit number.

5. Leave

For leave eligible salaried employees, leave balances shown in this block reflect accruals for the current month and usage as of the previous month. In the sample, leave used is shown in the earnings box, with sick leave and vacation time taken.

For leave eligible hourly employees, leave balances reflect leave usage for the latter part of the prior month and first part of the current month depending on your departments mid-month to mid-month calendars. Accruals are for the current month.

6. Earnings

This section includes all earnings, cash and non cash (e.g. tuition reduction, moving expense, personal car use).
Hourly rates are carried to six decimal places.
Vacation and Sick Leave Takenare paid as separate earnings and are shows as unique line items.


7. Deductions

This section lists all deductions (pre-tax, post-tax and inactive).

The first column shows our internal deduction code abbreviation.

CBK (cashback) represents a subtotal of medical, dental, admin fees, contributions, subsidies, basic life and PEBB life up to $45K pre-tax.Cashback is for information purposes only. It isnot included in the total employee deduction amount.

TAY(Academic Year Triple Contribution) only appears for returning 9 month academic employees with a triple deduction for summer insurance coverage.

OTH (Other) appears if there is insufficient space to itemize all deductions. Some deductions may be grouped under this code.

Status can be A (active) or I (inactive).

Negative Employee amounts represent benefit contributions.

Applicable Gross is the gross pay amount upon which the deduction is based.

Federal and State Taxes -The payroll system uses a precise "annualized" method of calculating your monthly tax withholding and rounds to the penny. It excludes the entire federal tax (up to the annual $3200 limit) from the state tax calculation.


This section is used for reminders, changes, and general news.