High Risk Policy

decorative-icon High Risk Policy

In accordance with UO policy and procedures, as your department acquires, disposes, transfers, or relocates high-risk equipment (examples below), the Business Affairs Office (BAO) Property Control Department must be notified. High-risk equipment must be tagged, tracked, and monitored in the Banner Fixed Asset System. As part of the tracking process, notify BAO Property Control when high-risk equipment is transferred to another department, building, or room.

High-risk equipment includes:

  • Storage devices that may contain sensitive data (eg: external hard drive, iPad)
  • Equipment valued less than $5,000 at the time of acquisition
  • Equipment that is desirable and portable by nature

For the purpose of this policy, we have specifically identified items that are considered high-risk equipment:

Commodity Code Example
65529 Cameras (digital, video)
20453 Computers (desktop, laptop, tablet), external hard drives, or smart phones
60046 Copy and Multifunctional Machines
03596 Drones
49058 Microscopes
80345 Music Systems (amp, mixing board)
58010 Musical Instruments
20482 Printers
88067 Projectors
84038 Televisions
84082 Video/Disk Players (DVD, BluRay, DVR)

Acquisition methods can include, but are not limited to:

  • purchases from UO funds (including grants)
  • purchases through the UO Foundation
  • gifts
  • transfers from outside agencies
  • trade-ins

High-risk disposals include, but are not limited to:

  • surplus equipment
  • lost, stolen, or cannibalized equipment
  • transfers to other agencies (must obtain authorization through BAO Property Control)
  • donations (must obtain authorization through BAO Property Control)

High-risk equipment will be inventoried as part of each department’s biennial asset inventory.

Departments may also request additional equipment not outlined in this policy be tracked. If a department wishes to have additional equipment tracked, the physical inventory of said equipment becomes the responsibility of the requesting department. The biennial physical inventory of a department’s assets will not include these items; an annual inventory report will be available for departments requesting additional tracking.

If there is high-risk equipment in your department that has not been tagged or additional equipment you wish to have tracked in the Banner Fixed Asset System, please contact the Property Control Department.

This policy has been in effect for high-risk minor equipment acquired after July 1, 2006. Departments may add items acquired prior to July 1, 2006 if desired. Departments may also require additional equipment not outlined in this policy to be tracked. To track additional assets within the Banner Fixed Asset system, contact the Property Control Department.