Invoice Text Requirements (FOATEXT)

Invoice Text Requirements (FOATEXT)

Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) has implemented the following text requirements when paying for Invoices (received from a vendor) and POs authorized by Level 1 and Level 2 Contracting Authority (L1CA and L2CA): Text Requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 Contracting Authority Purchase Orders and Invoices

Banner Invoices (I docs) for payments in which L1CA or L2CA are not required (such as refunds, stipends, reimbursements, etc.) and that are not being paid against a vendor invoice require the following text. 

All payments entered in Banner should at a minimum contain the following elements:

  • List name of individual approving the commitment of funds (Budgetary Authority/BA).
  • Describe what goods and/or services are being paid. For services list the work elements and dates of service.
  • Your name and phone extension.

The following additional elements should also be entered in text if applicable to your transaction:

  • List Contract #, Amendment #, and Purchase Order/PO # as applicable.
  • List UO Contract Officer approving the Contract and the date signed (or department's authorized L1CA or L2CA authorized to sign certain UO template Contract forms and the date signed).
  • If payment is against a paper PO, list the PCS staff member who approved the PO and the date it was signed.
  • If the invoice exceeds the PO, provide an explanation.
  • List end date of contract or PO, if applicable.
  • If legal review required: Name of individual approving and date.
  • If SPS approved: Name of individual approving and date.
  • If payment is on an SPS issued grant contract or subcontract payment, list the applicable grant project and grant number/letter.
  • Describe how the payment was calculated.
  • Enter competition information RFP, ITB, quotes include UO website posting dates.
  • List exemption from competition and required approvals, if applicable.
  • List partial or final payment, if partial payment then list the contract maximum and total paid to date against the contract.

Construction payments will require the following additional text:

  • On (date), (enter name/title of person approving the payment) approved the invoice with accompanying signatures verifying that the work was examined and performed per contract specifications, rates and terms.

If you have any further questions about L1CA and L2CA authorities or text requirements, please contact Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) at 6-2419.   See:  Purchasing and Contracting Services.

Any other Accounts Payable related questions about invoice text requirements, please all Dan at 6-4235.