Month-end/Quarterly Close

Month-end/Quarterly Close

  • Fiscal Year 18 Period 14 Campus Lock-Out is July 17th at 5:00pm!

    To facilitate year-end processing, Banner FIS users will be locked out of FIS transaction input for FY18 as of 5:00pm Tuesday, July 17th. This includes but is not limited to invoices, journal vouchers, and DuckWeb for travel invoices. Please complete any documents that need to be posted to period 14 before this deadline.

    If you have a transaction that needs to be posted to FY18 period 14 and you are not able to input by this deadline please see for specific instructions.

    Note: Departmental users will still have Banner FIS inquiry access during this lock out time. You will also still be able to process FY19 transactions.
  • Tasks required by department accounting staff.

More to come.