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NOTE: The Federal Perkins Loan Program expired on October 1, 2017.  No new Perkins loans were funded as of that date and no Perkins loan disbursements are permitted after June 30, 2018, under any circumstances.
Perkins loans received prior to the expiration of the program were borrowed directly from the University of Oregon.  Borrowers remain obligated to repay their Perkins loans.  Heartland-ECSI (ECSI) is the billing service provider for the university.

Common Activities

  • ECSI borrower website (link is external)  Manage your Perkins loan. Make payments, view bills, update contact information, access benefit request forms, and more.  The UO School Code is 7v. Your UO ID number or social security number is your account number.  Heartland-ECSI Website Help: 888-549-3274.
  • Loan Repayment Exit Counseling, grace period, payment options, and billing information.
  • Loan Cancellation Up to 100% of the loan may be cancelled for qualifying services or occupations.
  • Loan Deferment and Forbearance Suspension of payments with or without interest accrual.
  • Past Due Loans Late fees, loan rehabilitation, hardship repayment options, payment arrangement on past due loans.

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