Prepaid Expense

Prepaid Expense

Prepaid Expense

According to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), accrual accounting requires expenditures to be charged to the fiscal year and period in which goods are received or services are performed, regardless of when budget or cash is available.

Expenses of $5,000 or more for goods or services that will be received in a future fiscal year should be allocated to the appropriate prepaid expense account code. To remove the prepaid and recognize the expense, post a reversing journal voucher with a transaction date in the fiscal year and period that the goods or services are to be provided. This journal voucher may be processed ahead of time if the future period is open. Purchases of less than $5,000 are not amortized over future fiscal years; they are expensed in the current fiscal year. 

Tax reportable expenses must first be coded to an expense account code when processing an invoice. For a list of 1099 tax reportable account codes, please see the following website: UO Fiscal Policy Manual.

For amounts of $5,000 or greater posted as expense that should be prepaid expenses for future periods or fiscal years:

Debit     Department Index     Prepaid Expense Account Code
Credit    Department Index     Expense Account Code

To remove the prepaid and recognize the expense in a future period or fiscal year:

Debit     Department Index     Expense Account Code
Credit    Department Index     Prepaid Expense Account Code

*** It is important that beginning balances in prepaid expense accounts are reversed prior to year-end. To review prepaid expense account codes or any other general ledger accounts, use FGITBAL/FGIGLAC. Some prepaid expenses, such as airfare for travel, may be initiated outside of your department.

Common prepaid expense account codes:

Account Code



Prepaid Services & Supplies


Prepaid Travel


Prepaid Subscriptions/Memberships


Prepaid Capital Assets


Prepaid Software Expenditures


Prepaid Misc Expense

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