Property Control

Property Control



Molly Lockhart 6-1250 (Property Control/Surplus)

Christina Green 6-3190 (Property Control/Surplus)

Dylan Lee 6-3163 (Inventory)

Christina Spear 6-0827 (Inventory)

Jill Ritz 6-1256 (Building Leases)

Robbin Howard 6-1115 (Equipment Leases)


The primary mission of Property Control is to ensure University of Oregon material assets are managed and secured in accord with applicable federal and state regulations.

  • Maintain accurate records and accountability for University property and for property under the care of the University and its employees.
  • Record and monitor the acquisition and disposal of equipment in a timely manner.
  • Assist departments with administering equipment procedures and guidelines.
  • Administer the University surplus property program.
  • Perform physical inventories.
  • Monitor and track property on campus that is owned by an outside entity.