decorative-icon Property - Non-owned

In general, the UO does not accept responsibility for non-University owned property that is damaged, lost, or stolen.

University insurance coverage is generally provided for non-University owned property that meets all of the following requirements:

  • Is reported to and is tagged by the BA Property Control Department.
  • Is used for official University business.
  • Its use has been approved by UO Department Head or Director.
  • Is not for personal use (ex. personal refrigerators, fans, pictures, paintings, plants, radios, etc.).
  • Is referenced in a properly executed Personal Property Loan Agreement.
  • The loss claim meets the minimum deductible per occurrence and any other applicable policy requirements.

Please note, University Departments may be held responsible for the difference in the insurance proceeds and the repair or replacement cost per the Personal Property Loan Agreement.

The BA Property Control Department suggests that individuals who have personally owned property on campus take the following precautions to avoid the possibility of its being mistaken for University owned property:

  • Mark the equipment for identification of ownership.
  • Provide the department head with a list of personally owned property being used on University premises.

Should confusion arise, proof of ownership will rest with the individual, not with UO.