Selling Surplus - Vehicles

Selling Surplus - Vehicles

Selling Surplus Vehicles

Departments must offer and post all workable items to UO campus first for 1 week before selling.

Posting site:

Departments shall insure that all property tags, campus wording, phone and vehicle numbers, etc. have been removed from the vehicle. If all ownership indicators cannot be removed, please contact Facilities Services Central Shop for assistance.

All E-plates must be removed and sent to BAO Surplus Property coordinator, Thompson University Center (TUC) before the sale.

Electronically send the following to the BAO Surplus Property Coordinator:

BAO Surplus Property will coordinate the vehicle sale with our contracted auctioneer. Departments will be asked to assist with the coordination, of meeting with the auction personnel, to gain access to the vehicle and turn over all keys.

Once sold, the department will be notified by the BAO Surplus Property with the journal voucher amount that was transferred to their department. NOTE: All sale proceeds in excess of $250 will be refunded to the dept.

BAO Surplus Property will sign off on the title. (Titles are normally held in the Business Affairs Office).