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    DuckWeb Travel Reimbursement Form

    The DuckWeb Travel form offers many features; built-in meal and hotel per diems, automatic calculations, a "claiming only" option, and automatic Banner invoice creation for certified users. The form may be used to estimate travel expenses when planning a trip. We also have the ability to give individual travelers access to the form and after completion, they can forward the electronic form and documentation to their department travel administrator for approval and processing.

    Instructions for DuckWeb Travel Reimbursement Form.

    Training Process

    The process will include 2 partial day training sessions followed by a training period in which the department administrator will use the electronic form, and work is checked by the Travel Office (similar to the invoice training process).After successful completion, the department may choose, with the department head approval, to be "certified" to process and approve travel reimbursements at the department level, and retain all documentation.

    Certification Steps

    To approve travel reimbursements, travel administrators must complete the following steps:

    1. Take BAO travel training
    2. Take multiple choice quiz
    3. Turn in certification agreement
    4. During the 'Training Period' prepare reimbursements in DuckWeb and foward paper documents to the Travel Office.
    5. Certification. (Once you have completed the training period, you will be certified to approve travel reimbursements. Documents approved by you will be stored in your department. You have the option of forwarding any document to the Travel Office for review and approval.)

    Certification Agreement

    Business Affairs (BA) offers travel coordinators the ability to review, process, and invoice travel reimbursements for their department. Travel Certification requires that the department travel coordinator successfully complete a training program and reimbursement review phase. Travel certifiers also need to graduate Banner Invoice training.  

    Travel Certifier Responsibilities
    The department head and travel certifier are responsible for following all IRS and UO travel policies, rules and regulations.  The BAO Travel Office will conduct monthly post transaction reviews of selected paid travel reimbursements.  The documents will be randomly chosen based on certain pre-determined criteria. The department will provide the Travel Office with the original documentation for the completed reimbursement. Travelers may be required to return overpayments identified in the review process.  The travel certifier will be responsible for collecting the overpayment. The sanctions process for noncompliance with UO and FASOM travel policies is detailed in the Travel Sanctions Policy.

    An updated Travel Certification Agreement must be completed every two years. Travel certification does  not transfer to other departments. Should a travel certifier change departments, their travel certification is relinquished until the completion of a new review phase. Travel Certifiers should make every effort to attend educational opportunities that will help to maintain or increase their knowledge and skills related to processing travel. If a travel certifier’s recent reimbursement activity declines to less than six transactions per year, the Travel Office will review recent activity to determine whether the travel certifier should retain their certification.


    Staff should complete this form with the following information:

    • Certification Information: UO ID, email, name, certified for, and department.
    • Department Head Information: email, name, and title of person delegating authority.

    Save form input, then submit for signature and approval.

    Travel Certification Agreement

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is the training period?

    The training period is based on your test score and the number and seriousness of errors made on reimbursements prepared.

    Do I have to go through the certification process to use the on-line reimbursement form?

    No, you can begin using the on-line form once you attend the travel training class. You may use the form to prepare your documents and then forward to the Travel Office for approval.

    Once I'm certified to approve travel reimbursement, will the Travel Office review my documents?

    The BAO will conduct monthly reviews of selected paid travel reimbursements. The documents will be selected on certain criteria, and randomly. The department will provide to the BAO the original documentation for selected reimbursements. Travelers may be required to pay back overpayments identified through the review process. The process for noncompliance with UO and FASOM travel policies is detailed in the Travel Sanctions Policy.