Travel / Concur Training

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Travel Policy and Concur Overview, Location: Thompson University Center, Employee Education Lab, Room 305

Monday, Sept. 9  8:30am - 3:00pm

Bi-monthly training for new Travel Delegates or delegates wanting a refresher.  If you are booking and processing travel reimbursements for UO business travel, please attend this important training to learn UO Travel Policy, IRS Accountable Plan guidelines and for an overview of the Concur Travel and Expense system.

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Concur Monthly Roundtable, Location:  Thompson University Center, BAO Conference Room 201E

 Wednesday, August 28  11:00am - 12:00pm

No registration required.   Agenda:  Approver/Delegate management and maintenance

Thompson University Center, BAO Conference Room, Room 201E  ** Drop In – no registration 

The UO Travel Office will host a monthly Concur Roundtable for Concur travel delegates on the last Wednesday of each month. 

Agenda:  Monthly Topic,  Concur Updates/Announcements, Q&A, networking, sharing best business practices

Future Topics:

  • September 25th: “Candidate travel – bringing potential employees to campus.” Guest: UO Tax Accountant Joy Germack
  • October 30th: “Shadow systems and finding your Concur data in Banner.” Guest:      Brian Strait - Training Manager/Banner Analyst/Concur IT Resource
  • November 20th: “Optimizing your travel request – best practices”.  Share ideas on how your department uses Concur Request.


Lunchtime Travel Talk, Location:  Thompson University Center, Employee Education Lab, Room 305

Monday, August 12 11:00am - 12:00pm
Registration required.   Agenda:  Monthly Topic - Reviewing Travel Spend for your department, Fiscal Year End

This session is for travel Approvers, Budget Managers and Delegates who want to know how to use Concur reports to check department travel spend and trends.  What better time than at the close of Fiscal Year 19?

We will show you how easy it is to prepare your own Concur travel reports.  We will show Processor and Request audit rolls available to you outside the normal travel delegate function.  We will demonstrate how to build specialty queries to search your group travel data. 

Come prepared with report questions and scenarios you would like to explore.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, but we do expect registration to be competitive.  If you are unsure whether you will be able to make this session, please be sure to manage your registration, so as others will not be held out of the course.

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On the Road Concur support sessions:

The Concur team is offering "On-the-Road" support to come directly to you in case you might be feeling a little shaky with Concur and your processes.  Would you be interested in scheduling a session with members of our team for an hour at your location?  We can work either with your admin staff, or your travelers, or a combo session to help you smooth out the edges.   We can tailor a session specially for you, or here are some ideas of training/discussion topics: 

  • ABC overview of Concur: Basic steps, deciding whether to use booking tool or TMC, workflow from Request/Travel/Expense
  • Concur booking tool:  Air – how to use search filters, when to use the TMC, sending TMC ticket authorization; Cars/Hotels – adding later; Trip Library  
  • Expense reimbursement: Travel allowance (per diems), Mileage Calculator, allocating funds, hotel itemization, print report
  • Guest/ Student travel: How to book and complete a reimbursement using your profile as host.  Tips to remember.
  • Mobile tools:  Life savers for your road warriors - Concur Mobile App and Tripit Pro: Itinerary and schedule organizers, receipt capture for smart phone users.  
  • Reporting tools:  Analyze your travel spend, review trends, compliance issues
  • Concur Q&A:  Your questions answered, review of your current projects
  • Workflow analysis:  Streamlining your approval, analyzing if you have too many touch points, is your process meeting your needs