decorative-icon UO Unused Ticket Report

What is the Unused Ticket Report?

  • The report is a combined list of unused tickets from each of UO’s contracted travel agencies.
  • The UO may have airline credits available due to the pandemic related travel suspension.  Please check with your TMC to see if there is a UO airline credit available for your business travel. 

More information:

  • Tickets must be cancelled prior to the departure in order to be used for future credit.
  • Check with your travel agent to determine the rules regarding exchange of your unused ticket.  Rules are determined by your advance purchase, airline, and destination, travel and cancel dates.
  • Most unused tickets expire within one year of issue date.   COVID related cancellations may have date extensions. 
  • Most airlines charge a fee to exchange an unused ticket.  COVID related cancellations may have fees waived.  Some tickets may be used by a different UO traveler without an additional fee.
  • When ticketing a reservation, be sure to check with your travel agent to see if there is a UO credit you might use.