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Vehicle rental expenses may be reimbursed. A car, boat, aircraft or other vehicle may be rented when it is the most cost-effective, efficient means of transportation that meets the business purpose. Receipts are required for vehicle rentals. Employees are encouraged to utilize State of Oregon contracts which provide discount rates, car upgrades, and insurance coverage. Employees are also encouraged to use their corporate travel cards when renting vehicles because of the primary Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage provided.

An itemized, final rental car receipt is required for reimbursement. Anyone driving for UO business should be certified through the UO Department of Parking and Transportation. UO Driver Certification.  

When renting a vehicle for UO business and using the corporate travel One Card, a claim must be filed within 90 days of the date of the incident in order for Collision Loss Damage Waiver coverage to extend to the loss. To file a claim notify

State of Oregon discount contacts are for UO business use only.  If your travel involves personal time or travel with friends or family,  you may not use the negotiated contract rates.  Please select a car rental off contract, divide the rental total by the total number of days used and submit the business days only for reimbursement. 

For use of State of Oregon rental car contracts:, use corporate discount numbers and/or PIN to reserve:

If your department would like to set up direct billing with Enterprise and National, please contact:

Clint Fulcher

Business Rental Sales Director
Cell: 503-913-3188
Fax: 503-346-0667