Department Deposit In Transit

For payments you have received but cannot deposit before the Cashiers’ Office month and year end deadlines, please use the following procedures to record a deposit in transit.

To record the deposit in transit in the month the payment was received:

  • Debit     Department Index     A0951 Cash-Department Deposit In Transit
  • Credit    Department Index     Revenue, Unearned Revenue, AR, etc.

To make the physical deposit with UO Cashiers using Banner form TWADEPO the next month:

  • Debit     CASH, CHEK, or CARD depending how the payment was received
  • Credit    Department Index     A0951 Cash-Department Deposit In Transit

Please note that this account code and procedure should only be used to record payments that you have received but are unable to deposit with UO Cashiers by month end. Established cash handling procedures must be followed as indicated in the cash handling and departmental deposits section.