A department may choose to directly pay for or reimburse an individual other than employees and students for travel, including:

  • Prospective employment interviewees
  • Lecturers, Guest Speakers, Performers and other official visitors
  • Consultants

These individuals must be informed of the Universitys travel policies in advance of their travel. Expenditures that do not comply will not be paid or reimbursed. These expenses must be supported by documentation, as they are subject to 1099 reporting if not supported, and are reimbursed to individuals through duckweb.

For non-US citizens, a copy of Form I-94 or the passport page with the visa entry stamp must be provided prior to reimbursement. The University must ensure the individual is eligible to be reimbursed based on the visa type, in accordance with the chart at: https://ba.uoregon.edu/content/payment-process-for-international-visitors

Prospective Employees

Hosting groups and guests

Independent Contractors