Invoice Text Requirements (FOATEXT)

Important!  Two or more people must always be involved with the purchasing and paying process.  Your Banner text and documentation must indicate the L1CA or L2CA (Purchasing/contracting Authority) and/or the BA (Budgetary Authority) designations and names, and the name of the person entering the payment into Banner for payments of any dollar amount under $10,000.  These approval authorities should be documented by initials or signatures on your payment documentation. (Payments over $10,000 require different/additional designations and approvals). See Additional Approvals and Required Text, and Banner Text examples below.

  • No individual should be exercising L1CA or L2CA and BA, and entering payment into Banner for vendor invoice payments of any dollar value. 
  • No individual should be exercising BA and entering payment into Banner for refunds, reimbursements payments, etc. of any dollar value. 

L1CA or L2CA exercised:  Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) has implemented the following text requirements when paying for Invoices (received from a vendor) and POs authorized by Level 1 and Level 2 Contracting Authority (L1CA and L2CA): Text Requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 Contracting Authority Purchase Orders and Invoices  Note: When L1CA or L2CA have been exercised for a purchase, the Purchasing (L1CA and L2CA) and Budgetary/BA approval authorities must both be listed in Banner text if L1CA or L2CA was exercised, even if the same person has exercised both types of authorities from both sources.  The name of the person entering payment and their extension must also be in text.  The text must reflect that at least two different people were involved in the purchasing (contracting), budgetary approval and payment entry process.

BA Approval (No L1CA or L2CA exercised):  Banner Invoices (I docs) for payments in which L1CA or L2CA are not required (such as refunds, stipends, reimbursements, custom contracts and personal service contracts signed by a PCS contract officers, etc.) and that are not being paid against a vendor invoice require the following minimal text: The name of the person entering payment and their extension must also be in text.  The text must reflect that at least two different people were involved in the budgetary approval and payment entry process.

Grants - For additional information on approvals for Grant related payments, see UO Research and Innovations Monitoring and Reporting, specifically: Expense Approval and Documentation Requirments.

All payments entered in Banner should at a minimum contain the following elements:

  • List name of individual approving the commitment of funds (Budgetary Authority/BA).
  • Describe what goods and/or services are being paid. For services list the work elements and dates of service.
  • Your name and phone extension.

Additional Approvals and Required Text:  The following should also be entered in text if applicable to your transaction:

  • List Contract #, Amendment #, and Purchase Order/PO # as applicable.
  • List UO Contract Officer approving the Contract and the date signed (or department's authorized L1CA or L2CA authorized to sign certain UO template Contract forms and the date signed).
  • If payment is against a paper PO and a PCS Contract Officer approved it, indicate the PCS Contract Officer who approved the PO and the date it was signed.
  • If the invoice exceeds the PO due to freight/shipping charges, provide an explanation. If the PO exceeds what a contracting authority has signed for, the contract authroity must re-sign.
  • If the payment for services exceeds the Contract maximum, list the Amendment number, new maximum, PCS Contract Officer that signed the amendment, and the date signed.
  • List end date of Contract or PO, if applicable.
  • If legal review required: Name of individual approving and date.
  • If SPS (Sponsored Project Services) approved: Name of individual (or PI) approving and date.
  • If payment is on an SPS issued grant contract or subcontract (SubAward) payment, list the applicable grant project and grant number/letter.
  • Describe how the payment was calculated.
  • Enter competition information RFP, ITB, quotes include UO website posting dates.
  • List exemption from competition and required approvals, if applicable.
  • List partial or final payment,
  • If partial payment then list the contract maximum and total paid to date against the contract.
  • Construction payments will require the following additional text:
    • On (date), (enter name/title of person approving the payment) approved the invoice with accompanying signatures verifying that the work was examined and performed per contract specifications, rates and terms.
  • Fixed Assets are items purchased that will go into the FIS inventory system. All of the following information pertinent to the capitalized asset needs to be included in the text field of the invoice:
    •  Description of equipment purchased
    • Responsible organization code
    • Building and room number where equipment will be located
    • Cost of asset
    • Model and/or serial number
    • Manufacturer (if different from vendor)
    • Date the asset is put into service. 

For more information please see Property Acquisition on the BA Property Control web site.

Purchasing and Budgetary authority are TWO different authorities derived from UO’s Purchasing and Contracting Services or UO Departments.

  • Purchasing and Contracting/PCS: Delegated purchasing authority to UO employees after an employee has taken at least three required training classes.  This delegated purchasing authority is referred to as (L1CA or L2CA) and delegated/maintained by PCS. See: Designation to purchase (delegated L1CA or L2CA) is NOT delegation to commit funds (Budgetary Authority/B/A).

The VPFA has also delegated contracting Authority or signature authority to specific University Officers or individuals to sign particular types of contracts. Please contact the Office of the VPFA with questions or for more information.

  • Budgetary Authority/Departments:  Delegated budgetary authority to UO employees to approve expenditure of departmental funds within a department by the Dean, Director or Department Head.  This delegated budgetary authority is referred to as (BA). The Dean, Director or Department Head may delegate their commitment of funds authority to UO employees within their department and document that delegation internally within the department by memo or some other departmental documentation.  The designation to commit funds is NOT delegated authority to sign contracts.

These approvals must to be documented both within the documentation and in Banner text.

If you have any further questions about L1CA and L2CA authorities or text requirements, please contact Purchasing and Contracting Services (PCS) at 6-2419.   See:  Purchasing and Contracting Services.

Any other Accounts Payable related questions about invoice text requirements, please all Diane Carl at 6-4235.