Financial Services

Financial Services

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Common Activities

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Fiscal Policy Manual

Month End/Quarterly Close  Procedures and deadlines for monthly fiscal periods.

Year End Close  Procedures and deadlines for year-end close.

Financial Procedures  Accounting for income and expenditures through fund accounting.

Department Overhead Assessments  UO charges to Budget Operations, Gifts, Service Centers and Auxiliaries.

Gifts  Accounting for gifts to the UO.

Auxiliaries  Procedures specific to auxiliary enterprises.

Service Centers  Procedures specific to service centers.


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Year-End Non-Student Accounts Receivable

Building Reserve Fund Transfer Request Form  Submit to request use of building reserve. Update with revisions.

Service Center/Auxiliary Asset Listing

Inter-Institutional Journal Voucher  To have Business Affairs input journal vouchers between other OUS entities.

Service Center Compliance Worksheet

Source of Funds Submit when requesting a new fund through Budget & Resource Planning.

UO Report of Gift Form Submit if department receives a gift.

Year-End Accounts Payable

 Year-End Non-Student Accounts Receivable


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Banner Training List and schedule of courses available.

Financial Stewardship Training Integrating UO strategic directions with financial stewardship practices to proactively manage risk. An 18-week course for departmental financial managers.

Related Resources

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 University of Oregon FY 2017 Annual Financial Report, with Single Audit Included

 Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports  Unaudited UO Board of Trustees financial reports and audited annual financial reports.

CASB DS2 Rev2 Cost Accounting Standards Board Disclosure Statement, related to applying Facilities and Administrative (F&A) on grants.

Banner Guide The online resource for using Banner Financial forms.