Concur Project

Concur Project



Two years ago BAO convened a representative group of stakeholders across campus to improve travel policy.

The Banner 9 release from Ellucian prompted a decision to either re-write our home grown DuckWeb travel reimbursement solution or procure a modern and more feature rich travel expense management solution from a third party vendor.  

A team of travel experts from across campus evaluated leading solutions in a competitive process and recommended Concur.

Last year the university acquired and began implementing the Concur travel and expense management system.

Concur Request will be used for pre-trip travel requests.  Replaces Airfare Approval Form

Concur Travel will be used for online travel booking.  Lower ticketing fees than working directly with TMC.

Concur Expense will be used for both procurement card and travel expense management.  Replaces DuckWeb travel.

Concur Locate will be used by Risk Services to exercise duty of care for our travelers in emergency situations.

Lead Contacts

Procurement Card Expense Management:

John Beeson 6-3735 or Shari Powell 6-3283  email:

Travel Expense Management:

Laurie Jacoby 6-3158 or Brian Strait 6-2387


  • Mike DeMartini Athletics
  • Kayleen Upton Advancement
  • Lo Owens Political Science
  • CJ Nelson Business Affairs
  • Jessica O'Connor Economics
  • Teri Rowe Economics
  • Angie Towle Human Physiology
  • Jeanne Basom Physics
  • Jenna Babcock LCB
  • Kristina Mollman Political Science
  • Elise Landry Mathmatics
  • Sherilyn Schwartz Mathmatics


Procurement Card

  • Configuration fall 2017 
  • Testing December 2017
  • Training January 2018 and ongoing...
  • Go Live the January 26th US Bank statement will be fed to Concur. 
    Note: Banner pcard JVs for the February 2018 bank statement and beyond will be generated automatically by Concur and must not be entered manually to avoid duplication. 


  • Configuration fall 2017 
  • Testing January 2018
  • Training February 2018 and ongoing
  • Go Live March 27 2018


Procurement Card

  1. Expenses fed to Concur are assigned to the correct custodian and statement report within a few days of purchase.
  2. Receipts and supplemental documentation stored electronically in Concur.  No more paper.
  3. Budget authority approval online in Concur
  4. No more Banner JVs


  1. Concur Request required before booking and replaces Airfare Authorization form.
  2. Concur Expense replaces Duckweb Travel Reimbursement
  3. All airline bookings made using Concur Travel online booking tool, or university travel management company (TMC).
  4. Regular travelers enroll in new travel card program, the US Bank One Card.  All travel expenses automatically feed to Concur.
  5. Concur Locate used by Risk Services for improved duty of care.
  6. Travel receipts stored electronically in Concur.  No more paper.
  7. Travelers can add receipts by email and with their mobile device.
  8. Travelers can use Tripit Pro at no cost for itinerary management and airport wayfinding.
  9. Online approvals workflow for Concur Requests and Expense reports.



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