Property - Disposal

Property - Disposal


Surplus Equipment

For information regarding surplus property disposal, please click here.

Inter/Intra-Departmental Transfers

Departments should use the Asset Maintenance Form (AMF) to notify the Property Control Department of most transfers of equipment. Transfers include but are not limited to:

  • A move or transfer from one department to another department (with or without a financial transaction)
  • A move from one location (building or room) to another
  • A move off-campus for University business
  • Cannibalization (parting out) of obsolete or broken equipment
  • Lost or stolen equipment

When a transfer of equipment between departments includes financial compensation, PCD can assist departments with the completion of a Journal Voucher (JV) in Banner.

If the equipment is fully depreciated capital equipment or minor equipment:

Debit: Purchasing departments index, account code 20200 (Minor Equipment)
Credit: Selling departments index, account code 09350 (Resale of Equipment Internal Sales)

If the equipment is capitalized and not fully depreciated:

Debit: Purchasing departments index, account code 4010X*
Credit: Selling departments index, account code 4010X*

*Capital expense codes:

  • 40101 Equipment
  • 40104 Vehicles
  • 40201 Vessels

Before transferring equipment between departments, please note:

Sponsored Project Services contact information - Phone: (541) 346-5131, Email:
Surplus contact information - Phone: (541) 346-3190, Email:



Trade-ins include, but are not limited to:

  • Capitalized equipment for capitalized equipment.
  • Minor equipment for capitalized equipment.
  • Capitalized equipment for minor equipment.
  • Minor equipment for minor equipment.

Before trading-in equipment, please note:

  • Sponsored Project Services approval must be obtained when trading-in equipment purchased with sponsored funds.
  • Gifted equipment must be researched to ensure no restrictions for trade-in exist.
  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis of asset(s) to be traded-in. Things to consider:
    • Would the use of the equipment by a UO department outweigh the trade-in value?
    • Would another UO department be willing to purchase the equipment?
    • Is trading in the equipment the most efficient and effective method of disposal?

After trading-in equipment:

  • In addition to the standard document text in the Banner invoice please list:
    • The description and asset number (if applicable) of the equipment being traded in.
    • Amount of trade-in value for each piece of equipment.
    • Please complete and submit a Property Disposition Report (PDR) to the Property Control Department.