1/06/10 Meeting Materials
Current Status as of: 5/4/10

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Notes

As of May 4 Sub Committee has been working on a new process to begin charging Graduate Tuition Remissions, Fees and Medical Insurance through the Banner HRIS system. This process should be on the website for review within the next few weeks.
The members of the committee are running tests within the payroll system using two job screens one for the salary and one for the remission.
As for the UO overall OPE average rate process this will begin again after the FY close.

Workgroup Members

Stuart Laing, Budget and Resource Planning
Cynthea McIntosh, Budget and Resource Planning
Stephanie Bosnyk, LCB
Marianne Nicols, CAS
Shelby Cooper, Business Affairs - Payroll
Ernie Pressman, Human Resources
Olivia Pierce, SPS
Jason Wagoner, SPS

Please feel free to address questions, comments, or concerns to any of the workgroup members listed above. You may also contact Stuart Laing directly atslaing@uoregon.edu.