Outside scholarships received by the university are provided to students in three ways:

  • Checks that are made payable to the University of Oregon are automatically disbursed to the student's billing account.
  • Checks that are made payable to both the University of Oregon and the student, will require the student to endorse the check at the Cashier's Office before disbursement.
  • Checks that are made payable to the student will be released to the student by the Cashier's Office at the beginning of each term.

Without specific instructions from the donor, the university's policy is to disburse scholarships of $2500 or less in full. Scholarships over $2500 are automatically disbursed in three equal installments for the three terms of the academic year.

Outside scholarship checks need to include the student's name and UO ID number and should be mailed to:

UO Cashiers

PO Box 3237

Eugene, OR 97403-0237