Past Due Accounts

The Collections Department in Business Affairs monitors past due accounts.

Registration holds for currently enrolled students: In order to register for the next term, student billing account balances must be less than $1,000 for resident students and $3,000 for non-resident students. If the balance exceeds these amounts or if there are charges on the account that are older than two academic terms, the student will not be able to register.

Registration holds for students not currently enrolled: The student account balance is due in full.

When a billing account becomes past due, an email and/or a series of collection letters will be sent to the student. Registration will be blocked. In addition, Oregon tax refunds will be applied to the past due balance. If no payments are received on the account, the account will be referred to an outside collection agency and collection costs will be added.The Collections Department will accept monthly payments on an account, which will allow the account to stay in Business Affairs. Contact them directly to set up a monthly repayment schedule.

For questions on past due accounts call us at (541) 346-3215.