Payroll: Contacts

Payroll Contacts

Position Name  Phone  Email
Director, Payroll Services Ben Kane 541-346-1084
Payroll Operations Manager   541-346-3092  
Academic Payroll Specialist Chad Hartvigsen 541-346-1106
Academic Pay/Retirement Specialist   541-346-1132  

Classified Payroll Specialist

Classified and Temporary Payroll, HRIS Trainer.

Mindy Schmidling 541-346-2960

GE Payroll Specialist

GE Payroll, Unpaid Appointments, HRIS Trainer

Keri Bartow 541-346-1101

Student Payroll Specialist

Student Payroll, HRIS Trainer

Mike Kasahun 541-346-1121

Retirement Payroll Specialist

Retirement,Address and Name Changes,

W-4, and Direct Deposit

Jay Butler 541-346-1126
Foreign National Payroll Specialist Erin Driscoll 541-346-1122
Off Campus Work Study Payroll Specialist  Austin Doerksen 541-346-1108

Senior Payroll Accountant

Payroll Processing, Reconciliations, Tax

Payments and Reporting.

Eric Bever 541-346-0839

Payroll Accountant

Manual Checks, Benefits, Garnishments

Cathy McDermond 541-346-3148
Payroll Main Line Fax: 541-346-2393 541-346-3151

Additional Contact Information

HRIS Security, Training Scheduler, Paynews

Michael Walsh

Brian Strait



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