Work Share Vacation/Leisure Time Corrections

Employees who were on Work Share and were denied their Work Share benefits for any week in which they used paid time off for vacation/leisure activities are allowed to make their pay whole for that week.

If an employee has been denied a Work Share claim for a week due to vacation/leisure time use and would like to use accrued leave other than sick leave to cover their hours up to their normal schedule for that week follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete a Manual Check Request (MCR) with the leave code the employee would like to use to cover the missed work (LTV, LTP, LTC) and the hours that need to be used. Accrued sick leave cannot be used for this purpose.
  2. Note in the Justification section that the employee was denied their Work Share claim for the specific week or weeks indicated due to leisure time. Make sure to include the week(s) that benefits were denied.
  3. Upload the MCR to Work Share Vacation/Leisure Pay Correction.

Once received, Payroll will process in about a week.

Questions: Contact Ben Kane, Payroll Operations Manager,