Faculty and OA - Other Pay









Additional hours for employees who are salaried and FLSA exempt (ineligible for overtime)

Salaried, exempt employees are not paid on an hourly basis, so hourly pay is not allowed.  Payment for work outside of contracted appointment (in home department or another department) must be handled another way.

Additional hours cannot be paid via Time Entry.  Other options include:
1) appointment percent increase (use PRF, see below)
2) one-time payment (use Earnings Request Form, see limits under "one-time payment" below)


Additional hours for employees who are salaried and non-exempt (eligible for overtime)

Salaried, non-exempt employees are paid the same monthly salary regardless of hours worked, up to forty in a week.  All non-exempt employees must be paid at the rate of time and one-half for hours worked over forty in a week.  If a part-time employee occasionally works beyond their FTE, the supervisor may request VP permission to pay those additional hours.

See "Overtime" below.  For non-overtime hours, the supervisor may request to pay those additional hours as straight-time (earn code OAP and account 10209) using an Earnings Request Form (VP approval required).  Reminder: all non-exempt employees must keep a time sheet.

Hours worked by a non-exempt employee, beyond regular schedule, up to 40 in a week

Appointment percent increase (benefits affected)

Increase in contracted appointment percent that crosses the benefits threshold (50%)

A contract revision is required for all appointment percent changes that affect benefits.  Use Request to Offer form (PWAAPPT screen in Banner).  VP approval required on RTO.

FTE increase from 45 to 55% or decrease from 55 to 45%

Appointment percent increase (benefits neutral)

Increase in contracted appointment percent, without crossing the benefits threshold (50%)

Use PRF for all benefits-neutral appointment percent changes.

FTE increases from 20 to 30% or 60 to 70%

Awards, instructional

Teaching awards, professorships and endowed chairs.

Use PRF with pooled stipend position number, account 10107 for fixed amounts, 10108 if amount increases in proportion to salary increases. VP approval required.

Knight Professorship

Contractual incentives

Goal oriented incentives.  Used in athletics and advancement areas.

Same procedure as overload ("additional compensation").


Hourly pay for an hourly employee, at a different rate of pay

Pay at a different hourly rate than shown on the contract is not allowed.

This cannot be paid via Time Entry.  Other options are:
1) temporary Faculty and OA appointment
2) one-time payment


Fringe benefits, incentives, allowances, royalties

Employee-related W2 and 1099 reportable expenses

Process through Accounts Payable as a cash payment, and through Payroll as non-cash fringe.

Moving expenses

One-time payment for additional work up to $500

Small one-time assignments outside of contracted appointment, such as participation in a one-time assessment.  For both full or part-time employees.  Overload form not required.

Employee must have an active job to use Earnings Request Form.  If the employee does not have an active job, a temporary Faculty and OA appointment or a summer appointment should be considered. Allowed for up to $500 per pay period. Justification required, either on the form or attached. If full-time, use Earn Code OVX (Instructional Research, account 10201) or OVP (Administrative, account 10202). If part-time, use Earn Code ONB (account 10209). VP approval required.

One-time additional assignment

Outside activities

Outside employment opportunities; must not exceed one day in seven rule.

Not paid by UO.

Professional activities and consulting

Overload (also called AdditionalCompensation)

Pay for campus-sponsored activities in addition to regular full-time (100%) salary. Activities paid as additional compensation must be distinct from activities expected from the regular position. Although rare, FLSA-exempt OAs may receive additional compensation to teach a class, and only 50% of the compensation is allowed "out-load" (paid to employee).

Use Additional Compensation Form. If it is approved by VP, pay using Earnings Request Form or in Time Entry.  Use Earn Code OVX (account 10201) or OVP (account 10202). VP approval must be on file before payment.  If a non-instructional employee is teaching a class as an "overload" and is the instructor of record, a Request to Offer form must also be done. 


Overtime (overtime eligible employees only)

A few Faculty and OA positions at the UO are eligible for overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Enter eligible hours in Time Entry (PHAHOUR screen in Banner).  Use Earn Code OTM or OTP (account 10231).

Hours worked over 40 in a week

Personal/Professional Services

This is extremely rare. For services performed by an individual who is also an employee, and unrelated to regular duties.

Use a Personal Services Contract form. Requires BAO approval.  BAO will obtain VP approval.

An accounting supervisor is also a professional musician, hired to perform at a conference sponsored by a UO department.

Secondary Job (another department)

This is used when the employee has a primary job in another department.

Separate Request to Offer is required.  Total jobs may not exceed 100%.


Stipend, Administrative

For performing additional administrative duties, often a recurring monthly amount. 

Use PRF with pooled stipend position number and account code 10107.  VP approval required.

Academic department heads and some interim administrative appointments

Stipend, Instructional

Small stipends allowed for teaching, usually for First Year Programs. Compensation may be taken as either professional development funds or as pay.  If taken as pay, OPE is subtracted from total amount available.

Use PRF with pooled stipend position number and account code 10107. Requires department and First Year Programs approval.  VP approval required.

Freshman Seminars, FIGS, and Pathways

Summer appointments

Direct appointments are permitted in the summer (June 16 - September 15) for Faculty and OA employees who were employed the previous academic year (fall, winter or spring) on a 9-month basis. May also be used for new employees with a 9-month appointment the following year.  For non-instructional appointment only.

Use PRF with pooled position number BUOWSR, using eclass FS and account code 10204.  Use actual dates, not term dates.  These PRFs do not require VP approval.

1-month summer research for regular assistant professor.

Temporary Faculty and OA Appointments

Hiring of temporary Faculty and OA personnel for no more than $3,000 and/or 6 weeks. 

Use PRF with pooled position BUOWTA. Total of all appointments cannot exceed 100%.  VP approval required.

Science Fair Judge