Step-by-Step Procedure

Banner 9 maneuvering - the Four Corners of Banner Screens

How to maneuver in Banner 9 using the four corners of the Banner 9 screen.

Steps to Complete

1.) Upper Left Corner

In the upper left corner you will see a white X on the Purple Tool Bar. Select this X if you want to exit out of the current section you are in, but wish to remain in Banner 9.

2.) Bottom Left Corner

In the bottom left corner, you will see an Up (Previous) or Down (Next) option displayed as arrows. Select the Down Arrow (Alt Page Down) to go to the NEXT Banner section. Choose the Up Arrow (Alt Page Up) to go to the PREVIOUS Banner page.

3.) Upper Right Corner - RELATED and TOOLS Menus

In the upper right corner you can access the RELATED and TOOLS Menus.

Under the RELATED Menu you will find related Banner Pages (Example: FOATEXT - the Text Page) related to the current Banner Page that you are in.

Under the TOOLS Menu you will find Actions and Options which will allow you to access various Sections or Pages.

The Actions category is where you can select Export (Shift F1) to export your data for the current Page into an Excel spreadsheet. (The downloaded Excel spreadsheet with the data will appear beneath the bottom left corner of Banner). Print Screenshot (Ctrl Alt P) will allow you to print your current Page in Portrait orientation. NOTE: Minimize your Banner Screen BEFORE printing to get a more readable printout with a larger font.

The Options category is where you will see Banner Screens or Pages (Example: Document Indicators or View Vendor Address) related to the current Banner form that you are in. Select the Option you want and you will go to that Screen or Page.

4.) Upper Right Corner - Messages Display

Informational (blue) or Saved Messages (green) and Warning (yellow) or Error (red) Messages prompting necessary actions will display with the corresponding number of the messages in the upper right hand corner. Example: If you have one message then the number 1 will display, if you have two messages then the number 2 will display. Make note of the message(s) and then click on the number associated with the message to clear the message(s). Then you can will be able to proceed or access the rest of the selections in the Upper Right Corner (Example: Insert, Delete, Copy, or Filter).

5.) Upper Right Corner - Insert, Delete, Copy, or Filter (Query F&7)

Insert (F6 or down arrow on your keyboard) will allow your to insert a blank text line, commodity line, or an accounting line for entry on the appropriate Page. Delete (Shift F6) will allow you to delete a text line, commodity line, or an accounting line on the appropriate Page. Copy (F4) allows you to copy selected information. Filter (F7) will allow you to enter a query for various information (Example: Querying for a vendor name in FTIIDEN).

6.) Bottom Right Corner

Cancel, Select or Save will appear in the bottom right corner of the Screen. Cancel will cancel your action or query. Save (F10) can be used to save your changes. Select (Alt S) will allow you to make your selection and pull it into another Page.