Step-by-Step Procedure

Itinerary - Meal Per Diem and Lodging (Travel Allowance)

When you create your report, you will need to create an itinerary if you will be claiming lodging and/or meals. If you don't do this step when you create the report, you can add it later.

Steps to Complete

1.) Available itinerary

If an itinerary was built into the Request and the date has passed, it will show in your available itineraries. You may have to adjust the search in the drop-down if your travel was not recent. Click on the title of the itinerary to select it, then click Assign.

2.) Create New Itinerary

Click on Details>New Itinerary.

Complete all required fields for the first stop. Enter the destination where your business will be conducted, not the connecting cities or airport. (e.g. Denver vs. Colorado Springs.)

This is the travel day. Concur will calculate per diem for this day at 75% of the allowance for the destination. You don't need to check any boxes for meal allowances to remove meals on the travel day.

Click Next.

3.) Complete all required fields for second stop

This should be the return travel day.

Click Next.

4.) Meals provided

If meals were provided, click in the box for that meal on the grid. Do not exclude any meals on travel days. Concur automatically calculates 75% of GSA for those days. In this example, lunch was provided each day.

5.) Hotel paid with One Card

If hotel was paid on One Card, click on Import Expenses. Click on the correct item from Available Expenses, Click Move.

6.) Hotel paid with personal card

If hotel was paid with personal card, click on +New Expense

7.) Create hotel expense

Select Hotel from the Expense Types on the right side of the screen. Complete the required fields, enter any info or comments that may be helpful to explain unusual circumstances.

Click the Itemize button. Enter Check in Date. Room Rate, Room tax. Any additional charges such as parking can be added in the Additional Charges section. In this example, parking was charged each night. This works if the charges were the same each night. If they were variable, additional instructions will be provided (To be created by Travel Office and published soon,)

8.) Attach Receipt for lodging