Step-by-Step Procedure

Adding Hotel or Rental Car to an Approved Request

It's best practice to include all expenses on your Travel Request, but sometimes this isn't possible. If this is the case, the following steps will need to be done to add a hotel or rental car so you can book them using Concur.
You will need to be set up as a Travel Arranger for the person you are assisting if you aren't already.

Steps to Complete

1.) In your own profile, navigate to Travel from the black navigation bar.

2.) Click on Arrangers
3.) Click on Upcoming Travelers

Click on the drop-down for Quick Search, select time frame.

Click Search.

You can filter by name, if you lokr.

4.) Click on the link for the relevant trip

When the Trip Actions window pops up, select Change Trip

5.) New window opens, click on Car or Hotel on the right side of the Trip Overview screen.