Adding Hotel or Rental Car in Travel

Step-by-Step Procedure

Adding Hotel or Rental Car in Travel

Once you have an approved request, travel segments can be booked individually. The airfare is often booked as soon as the request is approved. To book additional segments such as a hotel or rental car, follow the steps below.

Steps to Complete

1.) To add to your own itinerary, or when acting as Travel Arranger for another,

Click Travel on the top navigation bar.

2.) Find the trip in Upcoming Trips, click to open.

3.) In the Trip Overview, Add to Your Itinerary, Click on the Hotel icon to add lodging

If you only need to add a rental car, skip ahead to step 7.

4.) Select the leg of the trip where the hotel is needed

This is a drop-down menu. Click the down button to view all the legs of the trip. Then click the search button.

5.) Click Search, enter required fields

Verify dates, click next near the bottom of the screen.

6.) Make your selection

*Be sure to review the Rate Details and cancellation policy before you click the box stating your agreement with them. Be aware of deposit requirements and non-refundable rates. Prepayment of lodging is strongly discouraged.
We advise that you contact your hotel prior to travel to confirm your reservation and provide the card you will use for payment.
A credit card must be selected under "SELECT A METHOD OF PAYMENT". Select the UO Travel Card.

*The UO credit card in your profile is for guarantee only. Please present your One Card or personal card for hotel expenses. We advise that you contact your hotel prior to travel to confirm your reservation and provide the card you will use for payment.

* Hotel reimbursement is allowable per diem (domestic: GSA, US Territories: Dept. of Defense; Foreign: US State Dept.). Exceptions require justification and supervisor approval.

* NOTE: Not all hotels may honor a government rate for state employees. We recommend contacting the hotel directly to confirm.

Click the agreement box, then click Reserve Hotel and Continue.

7.) To Add a Rental Car: In the Trip Overview, click on the Car icon to add a rental car

Select the relevant leg of the trip. Click Search.
Review the search preferences, click Next.
Select the car you require.
Verify driver information.
Click Reserve Car and Continue.
You will need to provide a physical credit card at the rental car counter, either a UO One Card or personal credit card.
*State of Oregon discount contact rates can only be used for UO employees traveling on UO business. If your travel involves personal time or travel with friends or family, you may not use the discounted corporate contract rates due to insurance restrictions.
To reimburse a rental with personal time included, divide the total expense by the number of days for the daily average. You may claim reimbursement for the days used for official UO business.

8.) revised 09/27/2019