Step-by-Step Procedure

Accounting for personal expenses on One Card

Reimbursable travel expenses charged to the One Card are paid by the university; the traveler is responsible to reconcile all expenses through a Concur travel expense report. You must wait for the One Card expense to appear in the Concur profile to process the report which may take up to one week from the transaction date. The card is only for reimbursable travel expenses and cannot be used for any personal expenses or cash advances. Travelers claim meal per diem per UO policy, not actual meal expense. If a meal is charged to the card, it is marked using Expense Type: Personal/One Card/Non-Reimbursable and will be deducted from the reimbursement.

Steps to Complete

1.) One Card Charge appears in list of Available Expenses

It can take up to 15 days for these transactions to appear. Be sure to allow enough time for all One Card charges to appear before processing Expense Report.

2.) Import charges to Expense Report for the correct trip

3.) Change non reimbursable expense to Expense Type Personal/One Card/Non-Reimbursable

4.) Complete required field(s)
5.) Itemize any personal charges on hotel bill

If meals or other personal expenses are on the hotel bill paid with One Card, itemize those expenses as Personal/One Card/Non-reimbursable to deduct from the traveler's reimbursement. In the event the traveler has charged more non-reimbursable expenses on the One Card than their total reimbursable amount, a receivable will be created for the traveler to pay back the overage.

6.) Click Save
7.) Paying back any overages.

Log into DuckWeb using your 95#. Navigate to Employee information>View UO Billing Account History. Click on the QuikPAY® Billing Account link to make a payment.