Step-by-Step Procedure

Approve a Request

Basic guidelines for what to review before approving a travel request

Steps to Complete

1.) From the Concur home page, Click Approvals on the navigation bar

2.) Click on the Requests Tab

3.) Select the Request you wish to review
4.) Review:


As the Request Approver, review the following:

• Header:

o Business purpose is complete

o Request name includes destination and date of travel e.g. Chicago, ABC Conference, Mar 2019

o Request name includes guest name if Guest travel e.g. Charlie Brown Mar 2019

o Travel is appropriate and in line with UO mission

o Funding source is appropriate (this can be changed on the Expense Report)

o Travel dates

 If personal travel included, an airfare comparison is attached demonstrating no additional cost to UO

• Segments

o Includes transportation, lodging, etc.

• Expense Summary

o Includes any anticipated expenses. Taxi, registration, mileage, etc.

• Attachments

o Includes a comparison airfare quote if personal travel is included

o Includes any department required attachments

• Available Actions:

o Approve the request

o Approve the request and forward it to another approver (if another department is funding the travel or needs to approve)

o Send the request back to the user with a comment to perhaps change and resubmit the request or to decline the request