Step-by-Step Procedure

Approve an Expense Report

Step by step guide to approve expense reports

Steps to Complete

1.) From the Concur home page, click Approvals on the top black navigation bar.
2.) Click on the Expense tab
3.) Select the report you wish to review
4.) Review

As an Approver, when you review the report you are looking for the following:

• Business purpose is complete and demonstrates benefit to UO.

• Correct index is being charged

• Expenses are within budget limitations

Report header

5.) Review Travel Allowances

Click on Details>Itineraries. Review the assigned itinerary for correct locations and dates.

Click on the Expenses & Adjustments tab. Review the meals provided are checked where appropriate.

Click on the Reimbursable Allowances Summary tab. Review lodging amounts. If above allowable limit, appropriate justification should be included.

6.) Review Trip Totals

Click on Print/Email>*UO-Detailed Report with Summary Data

(Make sure pop-ups are allowed)

Scroll to the bottom to see the Expense Type totals, Report totals, Total due Employee, etc.

7.) Review attachments